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Let Stadia Glass & Doors Create a New Window into Your World


History of the Company

With a legacy spanning three decades, Stadia Glass & Doors has redefined spaces through glass and doors. With an enduring legacy of innovation, our craftsmanship transforms concepts into stunning realities. Our team collaborates closely with clients, crafting solutions that captivate and serve. We view glass as a medium of endless potential, pushing boundaries to create inspiring environments. As a trusted partner, our commitment to quality and integrity has shaped a legacy of reliability. Welcome to Stadia Glass & Doors, where artistry meets innovation, and glass becomes a transformative force.

Contact the Team 

A collective of passionate professionals who breathe life into glass and doors. Our diverse expertise converges to create extraordinary spaces. Each member brings creativity and precision, turning visions into reality.

Executive Vice President

416 677 5895


 416 984 9045


905 739 3939


905 739 1600

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