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Over the years, Stadia Industries Ltd. is renowned for taking on tasks that others would not even dare.

We consider ourselves to be innovators, problem solvers and risk takers. From skateboard blockers that don’t require anchors to glass floors that millions dare to walk on, we are more than the simple service company.

Being an inventor, creating a hypothesis, challenging our team to forge ahead and create solutions is an exciting exercise. It is our goal to be recognized as a company that “Thinks Before we Jump”, creating solutions for our clients that deliver increased efficiency, lower spends and are “greener”. We hope that our efforts will one day be played out on the world stage for the entire world to see.

In our Research and Design section, we expose a small sampling of our intellectual property for the world to see. Please feel free to download some of our ideas, safety information, and methodologies or simply review some of our “Intellectual Property”.

We welcome any feedback. Please feel free to contact us at r&

Stadia Industries owns all rights, copyrights and patents pending. Any use of our proprietary knowledge and information requires written consent prior to use.




Comprehensive Reports

Site Condition Report
Investigative report outlining the findings and recommendations for the project. Includes documentation, site drawings and recommendations.

Standard Lift Plan
Mobilization access equipment to lift and install glass.
Proposal for Minor Restoration (VanKannel Door R1)
Overview and report including feasibility study on a restoration project. Provides high level overview, including challenges, proposed solutions and recommendations.
Leak Detection by Water Testing
A team of qualified Stadia technicians will isolate problem areas (water leaks) with visual inspection. Comprehensive reports are available (engineered or non-engineered)
40,000Mhz Ultrasonic Leak Detector
A team of qualified Stadia technicians, with a unique method utilizing high frequency and sound waves will pinpoint leakage problems. Comprehensive reports are available (engineered or non-engineered)
Leak Detection by Smoke Test
A team of qualified Stadia technicians use a unique and proven method of detecting leaks. Engineered and non-engineered reports available.
Load Bearing Viewport
Custom exterior elevator floor cutout for public weight load and viewing.
Vestibule Proposal Report
Shop drawings for custom vestibule and canopy.
Security Screen
Shop drawings of proposed glass and aluminum partition security wall.
Balustrade Caps
Glass balustrade top stainless steel angled capping.
Terrace Door/Balcony Door Report
Parts breakout of patio swing door.
Water/Salt Deflect on Base Building
Proposal, including scope, drawings and report on curtain wall leak repair
Circular Slider Proposal
Proposed retrofit of new curved automatic sliding door system.
Standard Curtain Wall Detail
Standard curtain wall details and drawings.
Airport Entrance Details
Shop drawings of aluminum glass doors.
Window Wall Modification
Shop drawings of curtain wall modifications.
Snow Catchers
Shop drawings of mechanical grid to stop snow from falling from a sloped roof surface onto pedestrians.
Installation of the Dawson Balanced Door 
Maintenance Instructions, Hardware Drawings & Parts.


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