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We Believe
For many firms, the shift to proactive environmental management is driven by pressure from governments, customers, employees, and competitors. Instead, we have made this our commitment and our responsibility because of our strong belief in a sustainable human society and in preserving a healthy environmental future for our children, grandchildren and their children.

We believe that by adopting proactive environmental management strategies we will become more efficient and competitive.  

We believe people would prefer to buy from businesses that position themselves as environmentally friendly rather than those who don't.

We believe change is in the air. Although commercial builders and consumers are still primarily focused on matters such as location, security, amenities, building prestige and pricing, we know that environment will soon become an essential motivation.

We believe companies that lead in corporate social responsibility and pursue environmental and community goals do well in business.

We believe it is everyone’s responsibility to take care of our environment.

  • Use products that have a positive impact on the
    environment by reducing or displacing the use of
    conventional energy.

  • To promulgate a company view that requires
    environmental responsibility of all employees.

  • Ensure that products are made and handled, in an
    environmentally sound manner.

  • Facilitate the re-use and recycling of used product.

  • Minimize the generation of waste.

  • To continually strive to be socially responsible, and have adapted progressive standards and practices illustrative of a heightened awareness toward environmental issues.

  • Maximize use of safe and sustainable sources of raw materials and energy.

  • Utilize processes, which minimize the consumption of non-renewable energy and utilize renewable energy sources, when possible.

  • Provide employee training and education in issues affecting the environment and employee health & safety.

  • It is our intention to earn the BOMA Go Green Designation and become the first BOMA supplier in Canada to have our environmentally sustainable business practices recognized with this distinction.
  • It is our objective to help BOMA Toronto implement a plan for all suppliers and vendors to make a significant impact on creating, preserving and sustaining a greener environment
  • It is our goal to present a strategic opportunity to enhance the Go Green Program.
  • It is our aim to encourage BOMA suppliers to partner with building operators and managers to create responsible environmental practices.

We have created an outline similar to the current Go Green Program. It will be built on a web based assessment tool, and it will enable suppliers and vendors to gauge their company’s environmental performance through a clear, comprehensive report that identifies strengths and weaknesses and measures the performance of each facet of their operation.

Stadia Industries proposes this concept because we see a need and an opportunity for our industry and other diverse manufacturing, service and supplier industries to take a leadership role in environmental stewardship. With the recent emergence of sustainability and the whole green environmental movement, we need to make a decision to create environmental standards for the industry and implement a Go Green Supplier Initiative for BOMA. 

Building owners and managers who are committed to working with environmentally conscience suppliers will add even more value to their buildings. This is an indisputable truth!



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